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About the Doctor

Dr. Ron Burt has been a practicing chiropractor since 1997. His desire to embrace complementary healthcare stems from his journey dated back to 1982 as a registered nurse in the critical care and trauma room arenas.  His many years walking the allopathic hallways sharply honed his diagnostic skills.  He became well acquainted with the approach of a healthcare paradigm predicated on disease and symptom management, and grew increasingly disenchanted by the poor outcomes derived from surgical and pharmaceutical interventions for health and wellness care.  It was this knowledge and experience that ultimately inspired him to seek a more expanded view of healthcare--one rooted in prevention, wellness, and integrative holistic care.  

Although Palmer educated, Dr. Ron finished his doctorate at LCCW on his home turf of Northern California. During this period he focused intently on refining his techniques in the manual arts, and actively researched and embraced the traditional wisdom and merits of Chiropractic's historical advocation of whole food nutrition. 

When not residing in "seminar land," Dr. Ron spends time with loved ones, hikes the hills of Sonoma, hits the Farmer's Markets, makes a mean salad, pets dogs, and is an avid long-distance swimmer.  He is a strong advocate of Heirloom Varietals, and volunteers on campaigns which promote the labeling (and full disclosure of the hazards) of the edible food-like products now flooding the market place known as GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) or GE (Geneticallly Engineered) "products."

Dr. Burt is beholden to his Chiropractic education for embueing him with the gut-level realization there is a design to Life, and that we need only look to nature for its instruction, pointers, and example.  He holds the firm conviction that your body is hard-wired to heal, repair, restore, produce energy, and indeed thrive for as long as you inhabit it.  He holds the unshakable conviction that wellness of body mind and spirit remains a constant potential regardless of our circumstance or stage in life.

The healer within each of us is ever present, and worthy of our full participation.
Our mutual task is to bring this to light.

Why not commit to vibrant health?

This is your birthright.



"Subluxation: from the Latin meaning 'a state of less than light.' The signature term coined by the Old-Timers of Chiropractic to describe darkness or suboptimal movement in body mind or spirit. Chiropraxis, or the laying on of hands in the form of the highly specific chiropractic adjustment, brings darkness to light." - Dr. Ron Burt