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Health and Nutrition Classes at Full Circle Wellness

On Clinical Sabbatical thru Oct 2016, e-mails OK

Topics covered in past classes have incuded:

Weston A. Price and the Merits of a Traditional Diet

The Standard American Diet (SAD):  Recipe for Inflammation and Joint Disease

“Dietary Myths By Which We Live and Die”– 4 Deadly Modern Fairy Tales

Balance Your Blood Sugar, Balance Your Mood and Energy

Natural Approaches to Soften the Suffering of PMS

Nutritional needs of the Peri-Menopausal Woman

Spring Cleaning:  a 21-Day Guided Detox & Purification Program 

Menopausal Women in Perpetual PMS—a National Epidemic

GMO's and the Health of Your Children

How OTC (Over-the-Counter) Vitamins Injure Your Health

Cholesterol:  Not Such A Bad Guy After All

Tibetan Bells and Other Guided Meditative Journeys

Laying a Map of the Territory—the Role of Salivary, Blood, and Hair Analysis

Chronic Marijuana Use:  Pathway to Hormone Imbalance

Men's Health:  The Hype and Hazards of Testosterone Replacement

Movie Night:  ‘Super Size Me'

The Health of Our Country Begins in the Health of Our Soil

How to Make a Good Bone Broth:  Recipe for Strong Bone and Joint Health

The Physiology Behind Acid Reflux and Other Digestive Sorrows