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On Clinical Sabbatical thru Oct 2016, e-mails OK


"Dr. Ron taught me to make better food choices and designed a 21-Day Purification Program for me. For sure I lost weight, and wow, does my skin look great! I've been off my meds for months now, and look forward to better and better health!"  - Jackie H.

"My neck was just so stiff.  I just couldn't turn it sideways.  After getting my neck mobilized, right away I had great range of motion and the ache was gone.  Because of diet changes I made after the doc's suggestions, I don't suffer from irritable bowel anymore.  So these are good things.
- Michelle C.

"Dr. Burt taught me a lot about diet and put me on whole food concentrates to cool off the inflammation in my shoulder.  After muscle work by the doc, I could reach above my head again." - Jack W.