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Services & Fees

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Offering Highly Individualized Treament
Full Circle Wellness provides a variety of chiropractic and nutritional diagnostic tools and assessments to help you reach your optiml health. Contact Dr. Ron Burt for your chiropractic or nutritional consultation today. Nutritional consultations are also available over the phone.

Consultation Fees
$110 - Initial Consultation (over the phone)
$50 - Follow-up Consultation (over the phone)

Hands-on Diversified Chiropractic, upper cervical, and drop-table techniques tailored to your needs.

Musculoskeletal techniques to remove adhesions and nerve entrapments (shoulders and hands my specialties)

Nutritional consultations and treatments anchored in traditional diets, lifestyle management, and whole food concentrates and herbs.

For many, surgical intervention is uncharted territory, and for all, surgery offers major physical and emotional challenges.  Dr. Burt offers highly tailored dietary and support regimens to assist you on your perioperative journey, pre- and post-op

...And a Toolbox of Functional Lab Assessments

Functional Adrenal Stress Profile
The adrenal glands are often overworked and overlooked. This is a comprehensive panel to determine the health and status of the adrenal glands and other steroidal hormones.

Intestinal Barrier Function Screen 
The road to health and happiness begins, unexpectantly, in the intestinal tract, where 70% of one's immune system resides. This test will tell us whether you have a healthy gut lining or if it has become compromised.

Expanded Gastrointestinal Health Panel 
This comprehensive stool and saliva panel will reveal hidden fungal, bacterial, and parasitic infections. It also includes food intolerance antibody tests for four common problem foods: soy, gluten, egg, and dairy, and checks enzyme and immunomarkers.

Zyto Technology Readings
Used to discern blockages to physiologic wellness.  

Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Profile
Blood chemistry remains the common laboratory standard in much of the healthcare field, however looking at blood chemistry from a nutritional perspective is not the norm. At Full Circle Wellness Sonoma the numbers really do matter, and present wonderful markers and pointers to guide you on your journey toward optimal health. Blood chemistry remains a valuable tool offering us the opportunity to see imbalances before they become serious conditions. This panel is offered through Direct Labs, where anyone can order their own tests. Our profile includes a CBC, complete thyroid panel, lipids, glucose, vitamin D and much, much more. Additional tests are available.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis 
A hair tissue mineral analysis can provide pertinent information about your metabolic rate, energy level, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system and organ activity or compromise.

Female Hormone Panel (FHP) 
This is a panel where we collect 11 saliva samples over the course of a cycling female’s menstrual cycle. It is helpful in assessing irregular periods, migraine headaches, painful or heavy periods, and premenstrual stress.

Female Hormone Panels (Peri and Post-Menopausal)
These salivary panels provide relevant information to assist women through "the change of life" and toward that phase of life which holds the potential to be the woman's most rewarding and powerful. 

Male Hormone Panel (MHP)
This is a comprehensive male hormone analysis of special importance to the middle-aged male who notices a decrease in energy, muscle mass, strength, and libido.